Never-ending light

A collection of soft, shiny items of jewellery which will thrill anyone who sees you wearing them. MagicWire® entwines in ever-finer spirals to become items of jewellery whose uniqueness lies in form and light.


The rings in the Extra Glitter collection are available in three different colours: Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold, and feature a diamond-cut stone at the centre. Made using special MagicWire® technology, they expand and return to their original shape in a constant twinkling. Ideal for wearing two, three or more together or on different fingers.


The necklace of the Extra Glitter collection is a precious item that adds style and sophistication to your look.
Thanks to our special MagicWire® technology, you can extend it in a seductive game that will make your neck the centre of attention. Made in gold and available in three colours, with gold clasp and diamond pendant.


The bracelet of the Extra Glitter collection is designed to embellish and add style to your whole arm.
Thanks to its flexible design, it can be worn on any part of the arm, and you can change your look by wearing one or more Extra Glitter bracelets on the wrist for a more traditional style, or on the forearm to complete a special outfit.

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