• A passion for research

    Developing a successful new product is one of the most exciting and motivating experiences an organisation can offer.

    MagicWire® is the result of research and experience in the field of metalworking and a study of shape-memory alloys.

  • Innovation

    Innovative techniques and processes combine with the quest for unique style and design, dedicated to anyone seeking to express their identity with a jewellery set that's harmonious and flexible and can be worn in a different way every day.
    Super lightweight, comfortable jewellery with a highly impactful modern style; non-allergenic and timeless.

  • Our mission is to serve distribution

    Today the MagicWire® brand is the real star in the worldwide distribution of a range characterised by shape memory.

Viale dell'industria, 2
36070 Trissino VI

Tel. +39 0445 962061

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